Omar’s Background

My name is Omar.

Years ago I worked at a jewelry store. I worked jewelry yes, jewelry. How did I get the job? Well I was buying an engagement ring and the manager like me so he offered me a job. I never working for them for a couple of years.

All I can say is that retail is definitely demanding. It is tough mentally and physically. I think the reason for it is simply that you stand for so many hours. Moreover the scenery never really changes either. All you’re doing is waiting all day for somebody to come in to the shop.

To me I enjoy the fact that I was trying to sell jewelry. I am sure that I wasn’t that good at it. I think most people knew that I was genuine, but I wanted to make the sale so I probably was overly zealous at times.

Fast forward to today. I am still in sales but I realize that you’re much better off fishing and hunting. Are used to try to hunt and kill. Now I just throw enough lines of the water and I wait for them to come to me. I think that’s probably the difference between a young man and an old man.

What was the craziest thing that ever happened to me at the jewelry store? Well, I had this guy come in one day. He told me he was looking for an engagement ring for his girlfriend.

He gave me all of the information and how he wanted to surprise her and what not. The problem was is that he wanted to see several rings at the same time. We had a rule that you could only take out two and tops three items at one time. What you go beyond that it is simply too easy to forget what you have out on the table. This guy just kept talking and talking to me.

While he was doing so I believe you thought I was distracted any began to turn the ring… The biggest ring that I showed him by the way that was worth $7000… Towards the inside of his hand so that the rocket now faced his palm.

Slowly he closed his hand and begin to drop it. He asked if we had financing. My response was well it depends Mike. The guy told me his name is Mike.

He asked what does it depend on? I responded it’s depends on if you give me The ring back or not.

He responded what ring. I said the one that you have in your other hand turn to your palm. He opened his hand and he gave it back to me and he said oh did you think. I just shook my head yes. He said thanks for showing me your rings and with that, he walked off.

At the time I didn’t think much of it. It was surprising that people actually would have the gall to try to pull something like that off. But, as I’ve gotten older I realize that it is more common than not.

This blog is more about leadership in sales than anything else. Thanks for visiting.

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