Nightmare turns into Morning: finding the right pediatrician

Pediatrician caught what everyone else missed.

Hi guys, today I want to talk about something that is kind of the sensitive subject.  I think that her society is encouraged to Ravir physicians. As a matter of fact I watched a skit done by a comedian named Tom made. He called an office acting as if he were the physician of one of their workers. The lady wanted to be super helpful for the position on the phone and ended up giving the man the phone number of this employee to call her at home. In reality he was just a comedian, but my point is simply that our society feels that we should cooperate with physicians because they hold an esteemed position. The point of this post however it is not to support our paradigm rather it is to knock it.

I believe that often we believe our physicians are infallible. We believe that they have our best interest at heart and that they are fully engaged when we meet them in their practice. But history shows that physicians are people too and make mistakes and fail us at times. This story is one that reminds us that we have to be vigilant and that we should be thankful for the doctors who serve us with the utmost attention.

My daughter started having stomach trouble when she was a little girl.

She was no more than six or seven years old but she complained about her tummy aching. I didn’t really think much of it at the time because well, kids complained a lot. I figured she had eaten too much candy or simply was being overly dramatic. But as time marched on I realize that there was more going on. One of the things that I noticed about her was that I would hug her and she felt warm to me. You know what I mean when I say warm, right? I mean it seem like she had a low-grade fever. And I had visited the classroom at her school. She and her friend… Her best friend at the time, we’re in the same class. The teacher asked me to give a little presentation on something I knew something about and so after the presentation was done, I was poised to leave. But I wasn’t going to leave without giving my daughter and her best friend a hug. Right then and there I noticed that my daughter was warmer than her friend. I remember leaving the classroom perplexed as to why she wasn’t complaining about it.

I knew I needed to take action so I sent her to the pediatrician. The pediatrician recommended that we do an x-ray. Although the radiologist did not indicate that there was anything wrong in the x-ray, the pediatrician noticed something four. It was a light area on the x-ray. Later on we discovered it was a 2.2 cm stone. The next thing was surgery and my daughter ended up having her gallbladder removed. It was exactly that. The radiologist listed, the gastroenterologist missed it, but thankfully the pediatrician knew a little more when it came to searching through the x-ray.

Today I am thankful to have a good pediatrician. She is helpful and thorough. it Is such a practice. Dr. Narahari is highly esteemed by her peers.


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